vancouver special

  1. this is not a list of houses for sale, it is just a set of pictures of houses -- some of the houses may be for sale at one time or another, but that is coincidence
  2. this is not a complete list of all Vancouver Specials, but is instead a work in progress -- sources which use this site and its maps as definitive are inaccurate
  3. refinements and additions are being made as time and resources permit, systems of classification of the houses are definitely subject to change
  4. all photographs are stored in low resolution only (500 pixels wide)
  5. only one view of each house is currently provided, taken from the street in front of or beside the house; in the case of a house built on a corner lot with a main entrance on the long side, a three-quarter view may be taken to ensure that both the roof profile and the entrance are photographed
  6. no strict definition of the "Vancouver Special" style is explicity adhered to at this time, whether a house is included or not included is a matter of subjective judgement, although as the system of classification is refined a formal definition is likely to emerge
  7. if a house is outside the municipal boundaries of the City of Vancouver this does not remove it from consideration, but at this time the documentation effort is concentrated within the civic boundaries of Vancouver

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